Rustic rooms in country style, garden view cottages with stunning views or luxurious suites with mountain view; each room type at Bristol Cottages is unique. The lodge has retained its cozy rooms with high ceilings, traditional wooden windows and quiet nooks, where old world charm meets modern comforts. The Bristol Cottages reservation team makes a point of allocating each room according to the needs of their individual guests, and takes care to ensure that the right match is made for the perfect stay.


The standard rooms on the first floor spills over to the Garden and offers an unhindered feel of the calm and quietness of the lodge. Several are adjoined for families and friends, while others offer exclusivity of their own space. Equipped with an attached bathroom, all rooms are fitted with an air-conditioner and television.


The delightful Garden Rooms are tastefully furnished, and yield views of lush lawns from the shelter of fertile foliage. Spacious and cozy, with breathtaking views of the garden, the rooms are suited for single, double or triple occupancy.


The pride of Bristol Cottages, the luxurious mountain view room is built on the third floor with a stunning view of the mountain. Enjoy the views as you lounge on our country style outdoor or indoor furniture and relax with family and friends. It’s like having your own home in the mountains!